Trial mode missing from GlassWire 3.3.498 installation


I have downloaded the latest version of GlassWire (3.3.498) from the official website and installed it on my Windows 10 system. However, I do not see any option to activate the free 7-day trial for the premium features. I have checked the FAQ page and it says that there is no trial mode anymore. Is this true? If not, how can I enable the trial mode? I would like to test out the premium features before buying a license.

Thank you for your help and support.

HI @gelata904,

We no longer have a trial mode, instead we enhanced what was available on the Free version of GlassWire. You can use all the features for free, but there are limitations. These limitations are lifted when you upgrade to Premium.


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just to confirm for the free version of 3.3.498, it is intended that I am no longer able to see the active host connections from the Security > Active Apps section and past alert history logs from the Alerts tab without upgrading to premium which is a subscription based purchase?

Hi @ajitama,

On the free version you are able to see one host that the app is connected too, from the security page. The free version will show all alerts for the current day. To see an indefinite history of alerts and to see all the hosts you will need to upgrade to Premium.