UI laggy 2.0.84

UI is so laggy. Going to another tab takes about 5 sec. Maximizing window another five. This is so annoying to use. Please fix it,

It seems to be laggy when:

  • switching tabs (Graphs, Usage, Firewall, Things, Alerts)
  • alt tabbing to glasswire
  • in the usage tab changing between “all”, “apps”, traffic" or chaning time frame.
  • draging the window when in “firewall” or “usage” mode ( surprisingly not laggy in graph mode no matter what time frame it is set to).

It seems that the Usage and Firewall tabs are most prone to lag.


Sorry, please email us more information about what computer hardware you have if possible so we can try to recreate this on our own systems. Thanks.

I had the same problem when i updated, it seemed doing a clean install with everything reset fixed it for me.

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restarting the pc worked for me.