Unable to activate Elite

This code should be valid but it won’t activate. No indication of why it won’t activate.

What to do?

you might want to edit your post & remove the full key/code from your original post!, or if it is a valid code, it should be cancelled by @Ken_GlassWire and get a new one

Glasswire for whatever reason decided the code assigned to me should no longer work. Given that the code doesn’t work, what could possibly go wrong?

I must admit, am surprised no company moderator has taken the code down yet.

It seems I am not very computer savvy as I can’t see how to message @Ken_GlassWire

could be a local/app problem, and you have now given your code out for everyone to use.
never a good idea to give codes out in public, always do it private with the app support

says on there Email GlassWire

Activation problem? Please email us your code and error message.

Sorry for the issue. Please check the link above and we’ll get you fixed up.

If you don’t get help please click on my name and I can help you personally.

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