Unable to do file copies over the network if Glasswire is installed

I’ve recently installed and activated Glasswire on 2 of my Windows 10 devices.

It seems Glasswire does not easily allow copying files over the network using admin shares between PC’s. This was not a problem with other AV/Firewall software after configuring the software.

What exactly has to be done to configure Glasswire to easily copy files using robocopy between Windows 10 computers.

Thank you.


When you see this issue, is our firewall set to “on”? Do you use any other firewall or “hardening” software of any kind?

Firewalls on both pc’s are set to on. No other firewalls or protection software is used except antivirus with no firewall capabilities.


If you set the firewall to “off” does it solve the issue, or does it make no difference?