Unable to install latest version or uninstall completly


I use the Windows Add Remove to remove Glasswire when the problem occurs


Me too, and I spent about 12 hours yesterday trying to regain control of my internet connection afterwards. I still cannot get the newest version to work with the proper activation code, whereas I was able to get it to work briefly on the old version (1.1.26b) before updating it. I am beginning to think the product is junk, and I may be looking to get a refund.



Do you use Revo uninstaller like the user above? If you install GlassWire on top of itself again then uninstall (in add/remove programs) does it solve it?


I generally use the Wise Program Uninstaller, which is similar to Revo. I did so many combinations and permutations of the procedure (including using your native uninstall.exe), and then re-installations of the original and new program versions (both with and without the “Clean Install” option), that I doubt I could duplicate the exact procedure used to get a one-time “Activate” menu item with the old Pro version (–nor would I care to try again.



Our software uses a driver so we have found that third party installers often cause the problems you are experiencing.

You should download and install GlassWire again over itself using its “clean” install option, then you can go to add/remove programs to uninstall it.