Unable to start driver API library (2)

New user here (no previous installs). Upon launching the program it fails to connect to the local server
(apologies for broken links, new user limitation prevents functional ones)

It then states the GlassWire service stopped running

Attempting to manually run the GlassWire Control Service results in this error

Which also outputs the following to the log file when using log_level_file=-1
09:05:56.0 [EVENT] Service initialization. Version 2.1.158
09:05:56.1 [EVENT] Log configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\log.conf
09:05:56.2 [EVENT] Loading configuration.
09:05:56.3 [EVENT] Main configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.conf
09:05:56.4 [EVENT] Database storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
09:05:56.5 [EVENT] GeoIP storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\GeoLite2.mmdb
09:05:56.6 [EVENT] Type storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\storage.db
09:05:56.7 [EVENT] Configuration loading done.
09:05:56.8 [EVENT] Loading main storage: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
09:05:56.9 [ERROR] Unable to start driver API library (2)
09:05:56.10 [ERROR] Libraries initialization failed
09:05:56.11 [EVENT] Service shut down.
09:05:56.12 [ERROR] Service startup failed

Have attempted uninstall (add/remove programs) and rebooting, then selecting the clean install option upon installing again.

Please check to see if the following Windows services are running in the Windows task manager:

WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
EventLog (Windows Event Log)