Unchangeable System app in Firewall list

This System app has recently appeared. It is greyed out, I cannot click on it to block it or do anything to it. Anyone have any ideas as to what it is?

It is Windows main process. There are many topics discussing this, e.g.

Thanks for the reply. I obviously didn’t search properly before I posted. Sorry. :frowning:


We received some complaints that “System” did not show up on the firewall, so we added it. However it will cause a lot of problems with Windows if System is blocked, so we display it greyed out similar to the Antimalware Service Executable.

If you block the Antimalware Service Executable it will cause false positives with Windows Defender so we treat it the same way as “System”.

Perhaps we should put a small (info) link or some type of notice so these greyed out executables don’t look scary or confusing. Thanks for your feedback on it.

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A small info link would be good.

Anything that stops someone running all the anti-virus, anti-malware, System Explorer etc programs he could find would I’m sure help their blood pressure a little. :smiley:


We are now discussing this idea internally, thanks!

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I’d like System to be blockable just like any other “process”. As an aside, technically System is not a Windows process, it is Windows itself i.e. the kernel.

If the main reason for not blocking it is “lots of problems” then tell us what they are. Are they any worse than disconnecting a network cable or disabling a network driver?

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We did some more research and we’re probably going to allow users to block “System” and we’ll give a brief warning about it…

We’ll do the same with the antimalware service executable how you will get a “Trojan:Win32/BlockMsav.A!reg” false positive if you choose to block it, and it’s not recommended.

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