Under Things in GW

I addressed this issue and provided feedback when I was beta testing that all my devices are not showing up under this category. I see my router and my adroid phone and it’s not picking up my two laptops?


Are your devices segmented somehow? Some routers allow you to set up a segmented WiFi network for security reasons, to separate your devices.

Hi @Ken_GlassWire, no segmentation…all of them are nestled under 5G


Are you able to successfully ping the other devices from the PC GlassWire is installed on?

Yes, Ken, I can. Prior to this GW beta, my two laptops showed up?


If you manually press “scan” does it help?

Is the laptop sleeping?

Sorry, I keep asking questions because we haven’t really changed anything with this feature so I’m not sure how it’s possible to have this problem.

Sorry for the late reply. Pressing scan doe nothing. The laptop is never sleeping.