Understand statistic UI better

I’m just suggesting that the statistic UI is better understood.

“Eingang” = “Input”
“Ausgang” = “Output”


So our translation is incorrect? Please confirm.

No, your translation is correct.
I mean where is “Output”-show of extern and where is “Input”-show of local in the original UI.

actually @Azenis as far as I can grasp it, the external and internal have nothing do with with what is up and what is download.

the in/output (which imo should rather be named down/upload) under the circles stand for the total down and uploads and are referring to the circle.

in contrast the local and external things are for seeing what total traffic was thrown around in your own network versus what went to the internet or other networks and are referring to the bar graphs.

in both cases the text is below the graph it is referring to.