Understanding the use of Things

Morning, I am using the latest version of Glasswire on a Windows 10 64bit laptop.

I see that under Things, I am told that there are 4 things on my network, my router, laptop, extender (in a different cottage), and my phone.

I would like to know if there is a way to break down data usage to each of the things on the network. For example, how much data is the phone using, how much data are the folk in the cottage using, etc.

The reason I need this information is that my ISP is telling me that I am using X amount of data daily, whereas Glasswire gives an entirely different usage. Much less than my ISP gives. They tell me that it is because Glasswire only monitors the device it is installed on but if that is true what is the point of telling me what other devices are linked to my network if doesn’t have the facility to monitor those other devices.

I hope that you can help with my query.

Have a good day.


Thanks for your feedback on monitoring data usage of Things. Unfortunately this requires hooking into your modem or router, and we cannot do this yet.

The point is to make you aware of all devices connected to your network, from a security perspective. It’s a quicker method than logging directly into your router admin interface to look up connected devices.