Unhide Application

Hello, I am a new user to GlassWire. The application so far is pretty amazing! I am running v1.1.21b. I have read the user guide and searched for but am unable to find answer to my question. Once you hide an app, how do you unhide? The closest I could find on this topic was a request to add the hide feature. I use openVPN so I hid the app along with another application while testing the feature. But now I can’t determine a way to unhide. Please help. Thanks.

Shortly after my initial post I figured out a way. Even though the app is still listed under “Usage” tab yet greyed out, I could not right click or hover over it to unhide but I was able to find the app through the “Alerts” tab and there I could however over it or left click and hide the option “Show app”. By the way, it was not an alert such as this app has been hidden but the initial alert of the first network connection initiated.

Please check the main graph and you’ll see an eye icon. Click that eye icon to unhide your apps again.

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Thank you for the response! I was able to easily unhide.