Uninstalled due to update intrusiveness

Some time ago I’ve made a post (Update is way too intrusive) about how the update notification is way too intrusive because it takes all focus to itself.

I’ve been patiently waiting for an update to finally address this, but to no avail. The constant minimizing of video and games is getting way too irritating to deal with. That said, I really hope you guys fix it in the future. Not for me, because I’m opting out.

Good luck with the application.

Sorry for the delay. We are still working on auto-updates.

To add to this, the first time I uninstalled the software many months ago was because the update notifications were too annoying for me as well. I had even paid for it but uninstalled because I was so irritated. I also uninstalled the free versions from all my other machines for this exact reason–too disruptive relative to the value I was getting.

Since I reinstalled a few weeks ago on my primary workstation I haven’t had that issue, but maybe it’s because there hasn’t been an update yet. Hopefully Glasswire can ensure that all future notifications are friendly to other things the user might be doing on their system, and that interruptions are only for emergencies. Whether I’m gaming or working, I shouldn’t be interrupted for something as minor as a software update.

Thanks for the great software and continued support.

Any updates on this issue. I purchased your basic package. I was playing World of Tanks and an update notification for 1.2.109 from GlassWire crashed my client kicking me out of the game. This happened on July 26, 2017 so it looks like there is still a problem here. How can I turn off update notifications to prevent this?

We are working on making changes to this system.