Uninstalled until they get this stable


I’ve had too many issues. The rush to release 2.0 was not worth it. I will wait until a stable product is released.


Rushed or Pushed is the question that needs asking. I still question G’W’s reasons to why the Mic usage notification was removed. The fact the G’W don’t even offer a download to previous version (V1) adds to my suspicion that they were pushed into releasing V2. Next obvious question would be by whom and why. Truth is V1 gave up a lot of secrets to what was going in the background of windows and although right now i can’t prove this i’m pretty sure pressure came from outside (possibly M$) to removed one of the best security features in V1. Im still puzzled as to why simple features like search wasn’t added to V2 among other very simple features. Anyways lets hope they release a table version soon.


Agree. Seems too buggy. I’ll stay away from new version for a couple months.


@JHefile are you facing problems with the 2.0.81 beta too? For me, it has been fairly stable. Agreed, about dropping the webcam and mic thingie. It doesn’t affect me, but it is still a bummer.

I think we should all be waiting for V3 (stable) and, @Ferdinand any reason why you think MS might have pushed GW into doing something? And why would they? I am genuinely curious (and have no intention of questioning the validity of your statements).


I’m not even going to go deep into this as G’W are known for deleting comments and even user accounts from there forums. This happened to my brother.
Search Alphonso software, used by a lot of Goole store apps and found in many Apple store software’s and is now showing up in the Windows store apps/Games too. With Mic detection software like G’W V1 this exploits this behaviour. Alphonso is one of a few Software’s that do this and believe me this isn’t used just for advertising. I’m not for one second accusing G’W for being involved in this malicious behaviour but like I mentioned I find it funny that the mic detection module in V1 worked perfectly ok and was removed and we were given very poor reasons as to why. I could write an SA about the evidence we have collected regards to user data collection, but no one cares so I guess there isn’t any point in sharing.
G’W spent a good few yrs. developing V1 (was a public beta for a least a yr.) and was a solid firewall extension to Win-FW yet V2 was rushed into service in such a poor state missing vital components. This puzzles me. And To add to this, I have observed with V1 a lot of windows software that would just switch on the Mic port whilst the system was idle with no user interaction but with V2 this is no longer an option. So, IMO there is plenty of other reasons to remove the mic/webcam module from V2.

Forgive for the grammar i wrote this on the move from my mobile.