Unintented download from hong kong

on 1 july 2016 i thought downloading a video and it came with a loader program. scan it with total virus, clamwin and panda. came up clean. problem was it was in chinese. was still concerned and checked the web. nobody could tell what it was except for the attendant executable that scanned clean . don’t want a nasty POS on my computer that i can’t read. tried to uninstall and no joy, EVERYTHING in chinese. aquired an uninstall utility that finely worked. BUT…it tried to come back.GlassWire Alerts that at 8:47-8:49…WTH IS THIS POS!!! went to process explorer and process hacker to do a kill-terminate…is it FINELY gone?
time will tell…2 items with fhk.a.sohu.com, and 1 with stun.p2p.hd.com addresses.
when i can get a screen shot of the trademark and chinese i’ll let you know.

Sorry to hear about the unwanted software, that’s very annoying when that happens!

I checked both hosts/URLs at https://virustotal.com/en/ and both seemed to be clean so hopefully the added software wasn’t anything malicious.

You shouldn’t waste GlassWire support time as well as other users time for your personal problems which do not bring anything to GlassWire functionality or usage.

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EXCUSE ME ASS HOLE…this is an ongoing problem that MAY affect others…que, please - THEY CAME BACK - found them early this morning when i checked the fireawall feature…two of shplayer.exe , one shres.exe , one shlive.exe, AND one shuninstall.exe (an Uninstall…NOW?..REALLY?!..is it in ENGLISH?)Put the nasty POS in a block! (never knew about that feature untill now-goes to show what ya can find out when one wakes up at one in the morning, modem connection is hinkey, and you have a potential crisis on your hands…play with some apps) Ran Panda, checked their process monitor, found shplayer (!) put a block - quarantine on it, Panda say it CAN’T, then an infection-restart warning, twidle my fingers while it restarts, check Panda,YES it’s blocked! proc. hack.-terminate, proc. exp.-KILL. Thanks mostly to Glasswire. I now know the publisher-Fox Information Technology (Tianjin) Limited-NOT A WASTE!

It’s always OK to ask about strange PC behavior or potential malware in this forum. We find these posts very interesting and they may be useful to other users. I apologize if we posted something to make people think we don’t like these types of posts.

At the risk of getting a crabby response, I find that your writing style makes it difficult to understand what you are saying. It would help us other users if your posts were easier to read. Taking more care in preparing your posts would show that you do care about other users.

Your posts remind me of stream of consciousness writing style:

The Stream of Consciousness style of writing is marked by the sudden rise of thoughts and lack of punctuations.

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First please stay polite as I remained myself. Secondly, yes, you are wasting everyone time for your own issue, whether you are at fault or not : a virus issue does not have to be handled by Glasswire which is not sold as an antivirus. If a scan with total virus and other antiviruses came clean, that’s your/their problem.

If you had the paid version of Glasswire, you could choose to allow or not any application to have outgoing traffic.