Units are mixed up : bits instead of Bytes (and some other thoughts)

Great application.
I have two complains, though.

The first one: the unit displayed is the wrong one. It shows unit as Kilobits/seconds but what you show is in fact KiloBytes/seconds. Just a mix-up on your side I’m sure. :slight_smile:
The ability to config the unit would be great, by the way.

And last, it is about the GUI. I can understand the no resize factor on columns, but the in/out columns does not show all the information if it is between 100 KB/s and 999KB/s.
Example: http://tof.canardpc.com/view/294a1886-1741-4880-be5b-2d98580db327.jpg

It is not neat. I can’t live with it.

Thanks for the hard work.
Hope it is understandable as English is not my mother-tongue.



Your English is great. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll check and confirm Kilobits and see if we can fix the resize issue in our next release.


In the apps or traffic view, the unit displayed here is just “Mb” and “Kb” (missing “/s”).

Example: http://imgur.com/nbMl1r1

Edit: Using Windows 7 Professional, with Norwegian locale settings.

the Apps and Traffic views only show you the amount of data downloaded in the time span of 5 minutes/3 hours/24 hours/week (selectable in the top right corner). Currently, there is no way of checking the actual transfer rate measured in KiloBytes or MegaBytes per second.

Thanks for your answer. What is your release planning?
As it is still in beta, it would be cool if we had frequent releases fixing few things each times.


We plan to have frequent releases. I think we may do a release this week or early next week.

Great news. Thanks!


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Oh, a precision that might be very important. I use FR (french) locale.

Please explain? I’m not sure I understand.

As you use a Windows API (AFAIK), maybe the locale of the OS is important. In French, there is no bytes (B) but “octet” (it is the same thing nowadays), so maybe your app does not found the bytes and fallback on bits.

Just a hunch. :wink:

I understand what you mean now. Thank you! We’ll check some different language options in the OS and see what it shows.

Thanks for the update on these issues.