Units are some times confusing

I have just purchased the application, and I think it is fantastic.
However, I feel that the units are sometimes mixed up. If they are not mixed up, then I just find them a little bit confusing.

The main problem is in the Graph.
The units on the top-left are correct, and indicate the current network usage as a speed (i.e. MB/s).
However, if you click on the graph and pause it, all the information on the bottom (down and up measures, as well as the per-process and per-host information) is displayed as “quantities” (i.e. MB, instead of MB/s). This is a little bit confusing.

Also, I would like to suggest adding a tooltip on the graph itself. The tooltip could appear when the user moves the mouse and show the up/down speed at the instant over which the mouse is positioned.

As I said, the application is already great, I’m just suggesting a couple of points that might be improved.


I’ve just noticed that the values on the bottom will change when you rescale the graph. So I’m assuming they do actually indicate a quantity and not a speed.
In that case I would suggest being able to select the time range over which the values are actually calculated. This could be easily done just by dragging the mouse over the graph while holding the left button.



Thanks for purchasing!

We do have this Blog post that helps explain the values.

We plan to allow users to change units on a future update. We’ll discuss your feedback and see how we can improve further.


Thank you, very helpful!