Unknown app pico

Today i got this alert. I have no idea what it is, and how do I decide what to press?

Are you using the Windows subsystem for Linux?

Yeah, I use it. So, I should allow it?

From what I understand the Linux Subsystem for Windows is still in beta, so that’s why the info is so vague and looks weird in GlassWire. Normal parts of the OS would never appear this way.

To answer your question, if you should allow it, I’m not sure. Were you using the Linux Subsystem and did you install it? Then maybe it’s safe to allow it, but if you didn’t then I wouldn’t allow it personally and I would probably start scanning my computer for viruses. Maybe consider uploading the file to VirusTotal if you can find it.

Yes, I Install it by myself. But any way I have no interne connection, for example, when I tired to use curl

If it functions with you denying it, then don’t allow it. If it fails to function and you’re sure it is safe then allow it.