Unknown application found

Can anyone tell me what this is.


It was most likely an app you installed, then uninstalled. Do you remember doing something like that?

If not it could be something that was removed during a phone OS update.

Yes now I remember. I was just making sure because it wouldn’t go away. Thanks

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We could keep the app name and info, but we choose to remove it for privacy reasons… otherwise this app info would be stored in GlassWire even if you wanted it to be private that you had used this app previously (before uninstalling it).

Why not simply rename the app for clarity… Maybe: “Deleted App”, or just “Deleted” (& if needed: #1, #2, etc)

Not doing so can cause unnecessary panic (I know it did with me, I thought there was some app highlighted that was hiding from identification and thought about factory resetting my phone)


We use the same description the Android OS uses so we didn’t really choose the name for it. Maybe it should just say “uninstalled”?

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@Ken_GlassWire That would help clarity and understanding immensely :+1:t4:

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We will discuss options with our team, thanks for your feedback.

I guess one potential misunderstanding could be that if we say “uninstalled” then it may be technically incorrect in some situations, for example if an Android OS update changed how the OS works and removed a part of the OS that used data previously. In that case the OS would “remove” the part of the OS that is no longer in use and that really isn’t “uninstalled”.

Maybe we should just do a tooltip.

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That’s why I suggested the word “deleted” or “app deleted”. It makes no judgement on how it occurred, it just clarifies that the entry was something that was removed from the device…

In fact the word “removed” might work just as well… But whatever gets used, it makes it clear the entry is not an orphan/unidentifiable potential malware item :laughing:

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