Unlimited History display progress

Just curious about progress on this as I have not seen any mention on the Forum recently about the Unlimited History display issue. Will the upcoming Glasswire update be able to display Unlimited History details back to the earliest data in my GW database, September 2017? Or maybe would I be able to set and display data details from a Custom date range extending back that far, even if for a shorter period than the full 19 months? Also, how far back should I be able to see Alerts? Currently, I can only see Alerts back three months. When Glasswire first starts up however, I can see 6 months of Alerts before the display reverts to 3 months. What do the developers have in mind for this very cool feature? Thank you.

We plan to solve this in the next release. Thanks for your patience and reminder.

If I get an early beta I’ll try to remember to send it your way if you are available to test it?

Hi Ken,
Thank you for the reply. That is excellent news. Absolutely, I would enjoy testing a beta.
Thanks again.

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Hi Ken.

That is good news.

As for all the data in the service folder, the largest db being about 25 MB, do those store all the data “from the beginning” (first install) or are those limited to the past year?

That is, the graph displays beginning a year ago and unlimited from then?


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