Unnecessary firewall rules

please make it möglich to delete all unnecessary firewall regeln!
after viele jahren my system hatte viele programms installiert und deinstalliert…
so i want to delete all rules from programs that no longer exist!
yes i know i can delete rules manual, but i have a long list of rules
but i don’t want to do this one by one by hand.

please do that glasswire can do this with one click!

and when does glasswire mark a program as inactive?


Thank you for your feedback. So you are modifying the Windows Firewall API rules outside of GlassWire, is that correct? If so it may cause issues with GlassWire.

Or are you using a secondary firewall with GlassWire? If so it’s not recommended and it may cause issues. If you want to use a secondary firewall with GlassWire make sure our firewall is set to “off”.

I will share your feedback with our team and I apologize for the problem.


no I don’t say, that I use another firewall and I don’t do this.
I ask for a solution for delete some old Rules in GlassWire, also created from GlassWire, for Apps and Programs who deinstalled on the System.
(Or some temp Files like Installers who connect to the Internet one times only.)


If you mouse over an app in our firewall an X appears, then you can make it disappear. For “inactive apps” an x will appear on mouse over to its right. You can then click it to make all “inactive apps” disappear.

Please let me know if it solves the issue or if I don’t understand. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the problem.

I know, that i can delete the “inactive apps” all at once, but
the list of inactive apps is incorrect or not up-to-date, maybe they longer time not active but still installed.

“inactive apps” IS NOT “not existing apps”

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Sorry. Please email us details on what exactly isn’t up to date so we can understand what’s happening and improve. Contact GlassWire

@T-Ghost You can also click my name and message me privately.

If you want to post the info here it’s fine, but I offered private ways to contact me for privacy reasons. Thanks. Please include as many details as possible so there is no misunderstanding.

It’s not that complicated after all, after uninstalling several programs, I want to delete all the associated rules at once.


When you say rules do you mean the rules in GlassWire’s UI, or the rules in the Windows Firewall API itself? Sorry for any misunderstanding.

I mean the rules in GlassWire’s UI.

( If i delete GW Rules in Windows API or with RegistryCleaner, GW restore his own Rules again, that is ok, so i can reset Windows Firewall to default and still have GW Rules. )