Unreadable on high rez display

Windows 8.1 with fonts scaled at 168%

I can not read this app on a 65" monitor at 3840x2160 rez. The fonts are extremely tiny. It seem like the fonts don’t scale properly with windows scaling. Most other apps scale fine.

I saw the other topic about High DPI problems. Was that issue fixed? Maybe that is why I see extremely tiny fonts?

Any chance for some type of fix? Thx!

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https://www.glasswire.com/download/ Please upgrade to our latest version and see if it’s fixed. You can check your current GlassWire version by going to the top left GlassWire menu and choosing “About”.
Our latest version should be 1.0.23.


It shows 1023b.
Just installed it about 8 hours ago

Thank you. We will try to recreate this problem and fix it.

Same problem here - Glasswire ver 1.0.25b unreadable screen (fonts too small) Win 8.1 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon display 2560 x 1440 or even on my end display running at 1440 x 900

Same problem here. I’m running 1.0.25 and its unreadable on 1920 x 1080 laptop screen. Such a pity, as it does look like a really cool product…

Same here, all completely illegible to a 65 year old!!

Fonts tiny, colours ridiculously pale.

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Would love to see larger fonts and high contrast colors as an option to make viewing easier!

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v. 1.0.40b still to small to read. You seem to have a good idea with this program, why can’t you make the text size adjustable like most other programs? Get someone to help you with this, please.

I have Win 7 Prof. with a Dell 24 inch ultra-sharp 1920 x 1080 with no font problems and I have it set at low icon and text size as I dont like big icons . I think this is a Win 8/8.1 problem.=Win 8 -make text larger without changing the screen resolution by swiping the right edge of the screen -enter display- in box-choose settings-then display-choose larger =150 %. This works in screen resolution of at least 1200x900. Win 8.1-open screen resolution under =change only text size -then apply.

Unfortunately, the problem still exists. The letters can not be read because They are very, very small. Please increase this significantly. I have got Windows 7 64-bit operating system I use 150% with DPI and Dell 2408WFP Monitor 1920x1200 resolution, but it does not change anything. Micrometers all of the letters, which is very small, unreadable.

Is there hope the repair in the future?

First of all your right about the Dell monitor size mine is the same as yours =1920x1200 but I am scratching my head as I have the DPI on default at =smaller -100 % when I change that to larger at =150 % the text gets bigger .Have you also checked =change the appearance of display to see if it is set with display=DEll U2412M with resolution =1920x1200 and orientation=landscape ? I notice your DEll is =2408WFP which isnt the same as mine ,in mine the last 2 numbers signify =1200 yours is =08. I will check up to verify that yours is the same as mine- Your right the display is the same I just checked . That still leaves a puzzle unless you have an AMD/Nvidia -PCI-E card some of those cards include the ability to override the screen settings I have a 2 year old GTX-670 which comes with a huge amount of software so much that I disabled updates to it as I dont use it for games but I can make major changes to the display if I want. There is also a text brightness adjustment on your DEll controls to make the text more readable.

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same, 1.0.40b on 3360x1050

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We’re working on it and we hear your feedback. Sorry for the small text.

I have a 49inch with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 with the Larger 150% enabled. I’ve enabled the Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays and changed the size of the fonts there.
It shows up very readable. Check the screenshot below.

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Because this is an old thread and I’m not sure my message will be seen, and because it’s important to me that I be able to make Glasswire work on my machine, I’m going to copy this message to your “help” department.

This is wonderful software. Too bad I have to use Windows’ magnifier to see what it’s telling me.

I am running version 1.1.15b, installed just now, on a macbook pro. The screen resolution is 2880x1880. Like others before me, I want to report that the glasswire display is so small as to be virtually unreadable.

The macbook certainly is not an exotic machine. I’d think you’d have lots of potential customers who would be glad to buy a windows program that is so similar to the highly regarded Mac app Little Snitch.

But I see that this conversation has been going on for some time. Ir is baffling to me that such an obvious problem has not been fixed.

Rather than relying on users to report this in an episodic way, and repeatedly giving the same advice to install the latest version, I’d think you would see the importance of making sure your software works.

Chris isnt that a bit unfair =importance to see your software works ? Just look at MS Windows 24/7 "updates " to correct flaws in the basic design and how long have MS been doing that ? decades ! and they make plenty of Blue screen mistakes last August over 100000 people got blue screened by updates and that is from a multi billion $$$$ company with 100000 of employees I got so fed up with Windows I now have dual boot with Linux-World of a difference ! no you cant do this or that or =its not compatible with this version of Windows (and is blocked ) . Glasswire are a wee company give them a chance !

Presumably, they want their software to work. Give them a chance to answer the question.

Ken, can an option to adjust font size not be added in the options menu? And I posted about this somewhere else, under title Vision Impaired. thanks

This problem is solved for Windows 8 and 10, but the development kit we use doesn’t yet have a fix for Windows 7. As soon as they have a fix then we’ll update our software. Upgrading to Windows 10 should solve the problem for everyone.