(unreleased test version) GlassWire install program stops at "Uninstalling GlassWire..."

I have reported this problem via email so this post is in case other users have the same issue and want to get around it.

The same problem has occurred with at least four versions - five times as it happened once on both of my computers - of the installer and I have reported it before, from memory, by email.

If I exit GlassWire before installing the new version then I have no problem.

If I have this problem then I’ve found that I can get a good install by ending the install task using Task Manager, restarting Windows. and then exiting GlassWire before installing the new version.

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Have you encountered the DLL error at all? I have officially met my end with Glasswire over this bug… between this and the update issues, I can’t handle it anymore… even from a testing perspective.

This completely canned my install and resulted in me having to install it again… happens every 3 hours like clock-work.

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Yes, I’ve got it even after I reinstall and clear all data.

I’m pretty happy right now so it is a minor issue for me. :smiley:

Just got am email saying that they’re working on it.

Just to be clear for everyone reading this, this is a report for our unreleased software to the testing group.

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Discussion of this error is a complete mystery to me. I’ve never encountered this error. Not asking for an explanation, just commenting.

Also interesting at the complete reversal shown in the above comment from this: [SOLVED] GlassWire 1.2.61b - still cannot install over w/out issues

Well! Maybe spoken just a tad too soon.

So now what and why follow that instruction. I have restarted Glasswire and it appears to be running. Will post whatever happens next.

As Ken said, unreleased 1.2.68b.

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The problem is not solely limited to the latest test version. I reported an incomplete install on an earlier version. It has probably been on every version with installer upgrade as I have had it on four upgrades.

Ok, for both Remah and the Glasswire folks. Partially to my “credit” partially yours, to me it seems we have two issue in this thread and I’m confused which you are talking about in that last post, Remah. You started with the title issue – something I haven’t seen on any install – possibly ever.

Then this DLL integrity thing popped up with JMSolo sounding off. I’ve had no install hangs, but now get the DLL integrity error. Remah, would you either help me by explaining the relation between the two or let’s try to get the issues separated. I again got the DLL integrity error overnight on my primary GW client. Looking at the ProgramData info for Glasswire, I don’t see a specific problem (I know that it may be a db issue) and I can restart GW without doing a new, clean install. (I haven’t seen any discussion of this DLL integrity error. I also haven’t seen any discussion of whether a restoration of an older db version might be a work around. Nor have I explored this on my own.) I’d like Glasswire to explain the reason for this DLL integrity error.

I don’t have any concrete reason for not doing a clean install. But how can Glasswire declare that it will provide history back six months or unlimited, if we keep destroying that data? My history currently goes back to last Nov. (8 months) primarily because I saved and recovered past history by manually manipulating the GW files when Glasswire said to delete the ProgramData\Glasswire subd. That manipulation has resulted in gaps (one large, one small), but I have a significant history and for consistency and integrity reasons, prefer not to just abandon and start over hoping to build a new one over the next year. Been there done that.

It would be tidier to have a separate topic for the DLL issue but it doesn’t bother me as it currently affects only a small number of users.

Ok, no problem. I just wanted to be sure that they actually are separate concerns and not related in some way I had missed.

NEXT DAY: Thanks Glasswire for the debug update 1.2.69 to log this issue. I did check the log file on 1.2.68 after the DLL error and did not see any reference – maybe this will catch it. But have also not seen the error in over 24 hrs.

Apparently …68/69 has fixed the issue Remah reported previously about the Graph bubble being set to minimum. But this is my latest Network tab capture. Note that my Glasswire client does not appear. But I was pleased to see both of my printers. The HP had previously taken a very long time to show.

And Remah, no problem with my install with the Glasswire Graph tab showing. Is there any other instance of GW running that you would like me to set up for the next install?