Unstable Network Connection & Slower

It’s possible it’s not related, but I don’t have another explanation. I’ve paid for Glasswire, but I guess I should have tried it first. It was recommended, so I bought it. Now, my Wi-Fi connection disconnects and reconnects when loading browser pages … sometimes, but not all the time … and it’s often slow loading any Internet site … and deleting emails and going to the next email in Windows Live Mail … that’s sluggish … and programs/apps seem slower to open … just overall, a slow computer, especially when Internet related. Any suggestions?




If you right click the bottom Windows toolbar and open your “task manager” what does it show? Is GlassWire using a lot of resources or is it unrelated?

Are you using Bittorrent? If so try switching GlassWire to incognito mode by going to the top left GlassWire menu. Bittorrent uses a lot of network resources.

Have you scanned your PC for viruses lately?

GlassWire doesn’t interact with WiFi at all so it can’t cause it to disconnect. Go to GlassWire’s “Firewall” tab and see if you blocked something? If so that app won’t be able to access the network.

Please let me know if any of this helps or not so we can help you solve this. Customers can also get private tech support here https://www.glasswire.com/contact/.

The network problems cleared up and don’t appear to be related, but the overall sluggishness of the computer … well Task Manager shows the GlassWire Control Center to be fairly consistent at 30% to 40% of resources. I was just now using Audacity to do some editing … and it was so sloooooow to do any screen refreshes and editing … that I just ended up closing GlassWire entirely just to use the computer as I usually do.


GlassWire should never use so much CPU unless your PC is connecting to an extraordinary number of hosts simultaneously. Did you scan your computer for malware?

Just closing GlassWire’s UI shouldn’t help with CPU usage since the control service is probably still working.

I recommend scanning for malware with something like Malwarebytes, then reinstalling GlassWire with its “clean” install version and see if that solves it.

I ended GlassWire using Task Manager … and my computer was back to normal. I scan on a regular basis including with Malwarebytes. I do not have any malware results. Any other suggestions?

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Please uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then try a “clean” install using the clean install option with the installer.

That seems to have fixed it. Task Manager shows it consistently under 10% … often much less. I’m glad … I wanted to like this software. Thank you. I was a little surprised that I did not have to enter my activation key again … with a clean install … and yet it’s the paid version without entering the key again. I guess the uninstall, reboot, and clean install didn’t delete every footprint of the program. Correct?

Thank you!

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We make GlassWire so a clean install doesn’t make paying users lose their status, otherwise they will be annoyed and upset.