Unusual devices added to the network

Hi all.
My OS is WIN7 64, and I’m using a mobile broadband device ( Huawei Internet key) to connect.

The WI-Fi internal card is disabled, and today while I was connected GlassWire Basic,licensed, ver 1.1.7b show apparently without reason 3 different devices, one marked as generical NXP conductors, two others as unknown (see snapshot ).

Is there any way to check with logs or other ways to better understand what exactly happened ?

Once switched off the connection, then running again the mobile broadband, GlassWire detected a generic Xerox device.
MAy you help me ?

I wonder if GlassWire could be picking up other devices connected to whatever technology your mobile broadband access point uses? If you’d like to post here or email us more details about your system maybe we can test and see what we can find out.

A device can be a piece of hardware or a block of code running in memory pretending to be one, a virtual device.

The Xerox licensed by Huawei device is your network adapter and would be the gateway address. Once you “switch off the connection,” that’s all your computer, and Glasswire, knows. would be the IP address your system leased from a DHCP server in the network you’re connecting to. is an IGMP multicast address. is an LLMNR address. You can look those up in Wikipedia. NXP is the company that made the chipset Huawei uses.

The MAC addresses, being virtual, are “unknown.” A more sophisticated utility might offer better resolution, but what would the average user do with that? Poking around in your Windows Network and Sharing Center might offer up additional info. And in Network adapters in your Device Manager.

Within the construct of a “mobile broadband device,” that’s how it works, all within reason.


Thank you for your replies.

Anyway I can’t explain why - using ever same Huawey device to connect- sometimes Glasswire detects 3 devices - real or virtual- sometimes 4, sometimes no one.

Tried to uninstall Glasswire clearing orphan files and directories after the restart of the system, I mean after checking that no services still connected with the application were still running, running also a register clearing software, but different behaviour fo Glasswire continue, not only related to network devices detection, but also concerning the following:

  • glasswire sometimes loose the languages, I mean that only english is available in the list
  • settings return to default loosing all options activated
  • once happened that running glasswire I had to activate it again, in other occasions was like the language option saved (and so appeared before switching off the computer) were not written/recordered by the application.
    Generally seems like all settings are saved in a virtual enviroment, not saved for next running time.
    The OS is genuine, regulary updated, WIN7 64 Home premium, sp1
    Any tip/ advice to solve ?