Update notification stupidity


Today during a presentation using powerpoint to 200 people, Glasswire decided to notify me that there was an update available, while powerpoint was running. I had to walk to the back of the room to get rid of this useless message.

Please fix this, its amateur!



Sorry for the problem.

If you go to the top left GlassWire menu you can choose “Snooze” and you won’t receive any notifications of any kind. That’s why we made that feature. It applies to upgrade notifications also.

We hope to implement upgrades similar to browsers in the future.


Hi Ken, I was informed on this thread last year (by yourself)


that if I were to update I would no longer see these notifications. I thought this was based on the fact that you had implemented an auto-update feature. However I am getting the same issue… It is such a nuisance, I have probably between 20 and 30 other applications installed on my PC, and only one other program does this, and it’s because it requires a payed subscription. Is this notification a hint at users to upgrade? or does it appear for paying customers also?

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It appears for paying customers only. Perhaps we can add an option for paying customers to not see update notifications.

The idea is for us to redesign this system completely but the redesign is not done yet. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.


One idea might be to use Windows 10’s Action Centre for alerts. In the Windows 1803 update, the “Focus Assist” feature will suppress Action Centre alerts by default if you are connected to a projector.

Of course, a side effect of that would be an app that needs permission to access the network would also have the alert suppressed, which might not be a good thing!


Snooze only applies for 24 hours.
Is there a reason why you’ve made the update notifications force themselves ontop on whatever you are doing as if they are the single most important thing in the universe?
I’ve had it interupt presentations, as the OP described above, force me out of fullscreen applications that crash when youtab out of them and all kinds of frustrating scenarios. This is bad design!

And now the firewall sudenly does not work any more. It is still active as far as I can tell, for the applications I’ve previously blocked, But it does not allow me to block new ones. Instead I get a nagscreen about upgrading. Why is this? Was it just a bait-n-switch?


As mentioned above, you can activate Snooze to avoid any notifications.

GlassWire has been commercial software since 2015. We depend on people purchasing our software to continue working on this project and it’s nothing new. If you prefer to use our free software you are welcome to do so but our free software has less functionality than our paid software.


I remember my last update three months ago