Update the MAC address database

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

I’ve got a fairly recent 2017-ish LG device connected to my network.
The “Things” tab “scan” does not recognize this MAC 38-8C-50-xx-xx-xx

Softperfect network scannner with up to date “oui.txt” (MAC device) 38-8C-50-xx-xx-xx 1 ms LG Electronics

“oui.txt” is from standards ieee org (maybe update that once every few months for the local glasswire user?)

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Reported. Thank you!


If you check our “Things” tab, are we showing the correct Mac Address? Please confirm, thanks.

The MAC address is correctly displayed, but the info pane says it’s “unknown”.
I was expecting “LG Electronics” there. (I’ve checked with Glasswire v2.0.105)

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Thank you. We will see if there is an update available for the database we use.

I think that this feature suggestion to improve the quality of the mac address database is probably more important to users (and visitors) than you think.

I say this because the post with the most clicked external link in this forum currently shows 1534 clicks for a mac address database. Another two of the other thirteen most clicked external links are for external links in the same topic.

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I posted a reminder for our team about this, thank you.