Updated to version 3.0.482 and disabled the 2 cloud settings but it still constantly want to connect to internet

Hello, thanks for adding those 2 settings to disable the cloud features in 3.0.482 but it still try to connect to internet multiple times per hour with the cloud settings off, can you make it like version 2 where it wasn’t constantly trying to connect to internet? it’s kinda annoying as it spam firewalls log.
edit, I think it try to register the device to some cloud thing because i can see errors about connections to “api-us-east-2.protect.glasswire.com/api/v1.1/agent/device/register” and CloudCoreStateRegistering. Device registration failed: 1 errors every few minutes in the logs but my glasswire is already activated so not sure what it is trying to do, something related to those new cloud features probably but i already turned the settings off, it started with v3


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