Updating GW via package manager (chocolatey)

I’m moving toward using a package manager more often when it comes to installing, updating, or uninstalling frequently-used software. Specifically, on Windows 10 I’m using Chocolatey and for Linux Ubuntu 18.04LTS+ I’m using apt. (When I’m on Windows 10 and want to test or use Linux commands, I do so via Ubuntu WSL.

If anyone else is using these or other package managers? If so, which and for what?

I’ve heard about MS’s recently released command line package manager, winget, but I haven’t researched it at all, yet. It would take a lot to convince me to move away from Chocolatey, though.

I’ve noticed that Glasswire is available in chocolatey’s repo, but it’s still not at v2.2:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>choco search glasswire
Chocolatey v0.10.15
glasswire **2.1.167** [Approved] Downloads cached for licensed users
1 packages found.


GlassWire has been added to Microsoft’s Winget but I am not sure if we were approved yet or not. We also have a /s silent command if you want to install GlassWire silently with Winget.

I am not sure who updates Chocolatey with GlassWire. We do not do it ourselves but you are welcome to update it.

I think you may need to resubmit it, I don’t see a pull request for glasswire, open or closed, in their package repo (I can’t post a link but the repo you should open a pull request for is /microsoft/winget-pkgs/ on GitHub)


Chocolatey uses winget now for their packages?

I don’t think so, but I don’t use Chocolatey. I just noticed GlassWire wasn’t in the repo for Microsoft’s Winget.


We submitted it there for sure. Are you saying it’s not there at all, or that it’s just out of date? Are you 100% sure it’s not there at all?

I will ask someone from our team to check it.

Yep, not there at all. Also I don’t see it as having been submitted either (searched for glasswire under pull requests). I can’t post a link but the repository is microsoft/winget-pkgs

It appears there is some new legal agreement you have to agree to by Microsoft to submit there. I will have to see if we are allowed to update there or not.

I think you could submit it yourself in the meantime if you want to, without having to sign I think? Did you try updating it?