Updating, Incognito queries

What is the safest way to update the program, while preserving license/activation? Deactivate, run new version setup, and activate again after setup is complete. Or just run the new version setup (will activation get carried across?). This is my first time using the program and I haven’t done an update before.

Will Incognito On state be made persistent on reboot in future versions? Currently I’m not too interested in maintaining usage history, using GlassWire primarily for the firewall capability.


GlassWire should always preserve activation, even if you choose the “clean” install option with the installer.

The most efficient way to run updates is to download our most up to date installer then double click it and run it. GlassWire’s installer will do all the work, then delete the installer when you’re done.

We will consider adding a permanent Incognito state in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

I followed the instructions and updated the program. Didn’t select the clean option during setup. Upgraded from minor version 100 to 102. The update was successful and the program was already activated at startup.

Unfortunately after a while it has become un-activated/deregistered by itself. Any reason why this would happen?

I have the Pro version, which I activated a few days ago (arount 24th/25th). I only used 1 activation as it’s only installed on 1 PC. Don’t want to use up another activation for the same PC. Your assistance will be appreciated, thanks.


We can’t help with activations in the forum because we have to ask information about your code. There is an activation email on our contact page here https://www.glasswire.com/contact/