Upgrade glasswire database

Here is the situation. I uninstalled Glasswire version 1.?? and installed Comodo. I did not like Comodo, so I decided to buy the Glasswire Basic Ver 2.0.80. Luckily I backup the previous glasswire.db. I guess I did a clean installed because I don’t have my previous firewall rules. So, what I did was rename the glasswire.db and copied my previous version of glasswire.db to the programdata/glasswire/service directory. When I start up the service again, it makes a backup copy of the glasswire.db and creates a new glasswire.db. How do I keep my previous glasswire.db on this new version, without it having to create a whole new one?



It’s great you backed up your GlassWire database. If someone else is reading this, the instructions for backing up the GlassWire database are here https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Backup_Settings.

The 2.0 version of GlassWire uses a different database format that’s more efficient, so you’ll need to install 1.0 again, then add your 1.0 database. Next install 2.0 and the upgrade process should move your database to the 2.0 format.

Be sure to backup your database in case something goes wrong. If you have trouble finding 1.0 email us, or message me.

Thanks for our quick response. I tried the uninstall, reboot and re-install. Copied my backup file over and relaunched Glasswire and got the Attempting to connect several times. I uninstalled and reinstall various time and still the same. I finally gave up and decided do a clean install of ver 2.0 and start over.
Now, I have to recreate all the rules I had before.

Thanks anyway for your help.