Upgrade to GlassWire 2.3 now with new IOT features and improvements!

GlassWire 2.3.318 is now available for download for both GlassWire Full and GlassWire Lite. Check out this Blog post with details about what’s new.


Please give us your feedback on this major GlassWire update.

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The new Things view has some nice features (device types, better sorting). But I preferred the old view which was closer to the way I use it.

Here’s some issues I found.

1. Device type for digital media players & servers?

I can’t see any device type suitable for digital media players / servers such as the Google Chromecast.

So what do you use for such devices?

2. Printer host name does not appear

This is an old issue which I thought would be corrected by now.

I have an “hp color LaserJet 4650dn” printer which has a TCP/IP host name of “HPLJ4650-A4”

In the Usage view, I see the host name is correct:

But in Things view, I don’t see the same host name. Why not?

3. The device description disappears from the Device options when I add my own description

If I add a name then the original information remains visible.
If I enter a description then the original information is not visible.

Original scan info:

My name and description added:

What I now see is that the original name remains visible but the original description does not.

4. The scanned name and description disappear from the Things view when I add my own info

I’d normally like to see the original info even if I’ve added my own.

I could copy the original information and add it to my entries except that information cannot be copied in Device options so I have to return to Things view to copy it before re-entering Device options to paste it.

Using the example from 3, here is the original things view

Once I add my own info then I can no longer see the original info.

5. I preferred labels which only I could create.

Now I have to go into device options to know what is the original scan data and what I have added myself. If the underlying scan data changes then will I get an alert so I can see what has changed?

A workaround is to prepend/append a character to my entries so it is obvious what I have entered. But then my device name would no longer matche the actual device name.

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Thanks for this detailed feedback and your report on your Printer. On our own networks when we tested we were unable to recreate this. I will report this to our team and see how it’s possible.

For me, my printer automatically gets a printer icon and is detected as a printer.

We have “Smart TV” and “AV Receiver” but perhaps we should just rename AV Receiver to Digital Media Player in the next update?

We’ll also discuss your other feedback on the descriptions.

If you have the availability please consider joining our beta test list GlassWire Beta Testing Group (Windows) - Want to join? - #141 by Ken_GlassWire. We could have used your feedback during our testing.

@Remah Our team just discussed your comments.

Our next update will rename “AV Receiver” (or add a new device with the name you suggest), and we will include all information in the list, even after notes are added as you suggest.

We will try to recreate the Printer issue you are seeing with our own hardware/networks but we are unable to do so at this time.

Thank you for reporting these issues so we can improve GlassWire.

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Hi, adding couple of things I found:

I have a TP-Link Access Point / Range Extender and I couldn’t find a suitable Device Type, you might want to add one for these devices :slight_smile:

I have several devices where GlassWire could not find the device’s names too, such as:
The TP-Link Access Point
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12
Chromecast Ultra (my other Chromecast which is not Ultra has a name)
Samsung S9+ (our other phone Samsung S8 does have a name)
Lenovo Laptop (my other PC has a name)

Also an optional idea that I saw in a similar feature on an other app, is allowing to search for open ports on each device that’s found :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. We will see if we can improve.

Did our previous version know these device names?

I’d just use WAP. A wireless access point is “a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network and to each other”. That also covers mesh network devices.

I am already on the list.

I did install the beta but I didn’t have enough free time to check it out before you released the current version.

They are very different devices. A digital media player is an input device to an AV receiver or Smart TV.

If a digital media player were to replace/combine with any of the existing device types then the closest is the digital video recorder except that looks like a video camera so, for that reason, it isn’t suitable.

At a stretch, a DMP could also include disk (CD, DVD, BD, etc) and tape players.

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Good point, we will add a new device instead. Thanks!

I don’t remember but as of now it has changed, suddenly the Samsung S9+ has a name, the Chromecast Ultra, Access Point and the Edgerouter still don’t, and for some reason my Samsung smart TV’s name has changed from the standrad name which was something like Samung TV 55" Q70 to just TIZEN (the OS) :open_mouth:

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Interesting! Did you change any settings in GlassWire on this screen?

I ask because the protocols you choose can change what data GlassWire is able to collect.

I did not change any of these settings yet :slight_smile:
I do prefer the real name of the TV instead of TIZEN though

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We should be able to change the numerical value to something more than two digits, and other than minutes. I was going to set 4 hours, but was unable to due to the two digit limitation.



Thanks for your feedback on the time interval, I’ll see what we can do.


Thanks for your report and feedback.


GlassWire 2.3.321 is now available and we took your feedback into account. Please update now and see what you think!

What’s new?

  • Added two new device types to “Things”, as requested by users.
  • “Things” now keeps the original information GlassWire gathered even when you add your own info, as requested by users.
  • Fixed a bug that cut off hosts in some situations.
  • Users can now make longer scan intervals with “Things”, as was requested in our forum.
  • “Things” now auto-scans one time on GlassWire’s install, so a trial user can see what devices are on their network immediately.
  • Fixed issues with our Turkish translation.
  • Updated our Chinese translation.
  • Fixed a bug that could make GlassWire not show the correct number of online devices after the PC slept.

Awesome! Looking forward to more device types* showing up in Things as well!

  • Smart Home things like plugs, bulbs, Hue, Amazon Alexa (or Google Nest :face_vomiting:), smart vacuums, wifi connected garage door openers, thermostats, consoles (Switch, XBox, etc) and more.
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Hi, I’ve updated to the new 2.3.321 from a 2.2 version and I definitely enjoy the improvements to the “Things” tab. There is one problem, though, that I didn’t experience before the update. After almost every scan, I’m notified that all devices have been removed from the network, just to be notified of their re-discovery within seconds.

New Problem

Here are my “Things” settings, in case that helps. Please note that I haven’t changed them since the update except for testing a lower value on the “Threads” slider (it didn’t help, so I moved it back to the middle).


Sorry for the issue.

To fix this please go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then click “security”, and then “things monitor”. You can then set up these notifications however you prefer.