Upgrade to GlassWire 2.3 now with new IOT features and improvements!

Thanks for the quick reply. I set it to notify only about new devices for now. I hope there will be a better solution in the future, as I like to be informed if a device unexpectedly joins my network.

One more thing: it might just be my imagination, but I think the problem didn’t occur during times of higher bandwidth usage (for example, while using remote-desktop or streaming a video) while it seemed to occur the most when my network connection was idle.

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Thanks again for your report. We’ll try to reproduce this issue on our end.


Did the issue go away completely? If not could you reproduce the issue and send us logs?

Please make us logs to help us find the issue.

How do I make technical support logs with GlassWire?
-Stop the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
-Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full (or -lite, depends on the version the user runs). - In your case I believe it’s full.
-Open glasswire.conf as administrator.
-Set the following parameters and save the file:

LogLevel = 255
LogEnabled = true

Start the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
Repeat the problem and wait a few minutes. Maybe try a Things “Scan” or two.

Send us the logs from C:\ProgramData/glasswire/service-full/log (or service-lite, depends on the version)
Contact GlassWire - Please include a link to this thread. Please include a screenshot of “Things” also if possible.

Thank you for your report.

I have reactivated “Report all devices” about an hour ago, but the issue didn’t reappear. I also scanned manually a few times without issue. I’m not sure if rebooting my PC or restarting the application has fixed it, but the problem seems to be no longer occurring. Nevertheless, thanks again for your support. :slight_smile: