Upgrading to GlassWire 2.0, tips, tricks, bug reports, feedback, and fixes

GlassWire 2.0 was released today https://www.glasswire.com/.

We did a lot of testing so users could upgrade from GlassWire 1.0 to 2.0 smoothly, but every computer is different.

If you run into problems please try these tips below.

1. If keeping your graph history or settings is not an issue we recommend choosing GlassWire’s “clean” install option with the 2.0 installer. This will fix problems due to upgrading from 1.0. If you want to keep your history and back it up you can follow these instructions: https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Moving_Database

2. Please also consider choosing GlassWire’s installer option to reset the Windows Firewall settings.

Choosing both these options will solve most problems people are having.

Can’t install or uninstall GlassWire?

Go to your Windows task manager by right clicking your Windows task bar, then right click the GlassWire service and stop it, then try installing or uninstalling again.

Thanks for your patience and support while we upgrade to this major new version of GlassWire.

My Basic, Pro, or Elite code stopped working.

GlassWire 2 is a free upgrade for GlassWire 1.0 users. Check your activation email you used to first order GlassWire 1 and re-activate by following the email instructions. Are you seeing an error? Email us and we’ll fix it. https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

What’s new with 2.0?

  • Our major GlassWire 2.0 update is finally here and there are a lot of changes and major new features!
  • GlassWire now has a completely new interface with high resolution monitor support.
  • We have improved our “Usage” screen after hearing your feedback. You can now select day, week, month, or other custom intervals easier.
  • Firewall Profiles! Go to the Firewall tab and choose “Firewall Profiles” to create and save a profile. You can make one profile for public WiFi, and another for home use. Make as many profiles are you need.
  • The GlassWire firewall is now optimized to work better with Windows, plus our firewall rules now synchronize with the Windows Firewall. GlassWire now also checks the integrity of the Windows Firewall on every startup, and can restore itself if changes were made without your knowledge.
  • VirusTotal API support. Go to GlassWire’s settings to analyze your network-related files with VirusTotal manually, or automatically.
  • WiFi Evil Twin Alerts! Get notified if a known Wi-Fi access point becomes unprotected or its MAC address is changed. Help protect yourself from Wi-Fi pineapple attacks.
  • You can now choose between system time format and a time format for the native selected language in GlassWire’s settings.
  • It’s now possible to switch on/off GlassWire’s “Things” network scanning in GlassWire’s settings.
  • You can now establish a remote connection by hostname, instead of by IP address.
  • GlassWire now has a free 7 day trial of its paid software for free users! Now you can see what you’re missing if you only have the free version of GlassWire.
  • GlassWire 2.0 is a free upgrade for 1.0 users. If you run into any activation issues please email us so we can help you get your free upgrade.

Problems with the upgrade on Glasswire 2
I have everything tries only Glasswire reports “he can not connect.”

All the tips you call here, do not work for me.

can you help me?

I have a Pro livetime license … language german

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Did the tips above help? Sorry for the problem with 2.0.

  • Hello Ken_GlassWire, no the tips have not help.
    I have something other found out.

  • If you uninstall the Glasswire 1.2pro,
    and you install the new Glasswire 2.0.78 Pro.
    If the service “Glasswire Control Service” is not restarted.
    He is under services but is stopped.
    I have restarted the service “Glasswire Control Service”.

    And now Glasswire 2.0.78 Pro runs without problems.

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The “improved” Usage screen is no improvement. You claim to have listened to users but everything here seems to be done to please the development team’s vision of what the product should be instead of responding to user feedback.

  1. The custom interval DOES NOT work. You can not set any custom periods for this, indeed clicking on it does nothing and no setting can be found anywhere else in the app that impact the results it displays nor does your user guide or FAQ offer any help on this.

  2. Month period is even worse and less flexible than before - now it only seems to show calendar month so there is now zero ways to track usage relative to ISP billing period cycle which renders this product useless to me. (which since your team must not ever live in the real world I will tell you is not fixed as calendar month with all ISPs but varies with some according to sign up)

  3. There is no link on your site for downloading previous versions, was unable to restore old version via system restore, am now left only with option of exploring competitors products.

very disappointed


I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the new usage screen.

  1. Please choose “custom” on the right side pull-down menu. Now click the day/date listed in the middle of screen to choose a custom time interval. Did that solve it?

  2. Go to GlassWire’s settings and choose “Data Plan”. You can then track your data and make it start on any day you choose.

It’s true we are no longer hosting 1.0 and we are asking users to upgrade to 2.0.

Many many issues.

  • Not able to deactivate license in version 2.0. I need to reinstall windows and if I install glasswire on a fresh system, it will complain for too many licenses. Please don’t do this to users. There are times when we need to install fresh systems. Make the max licenses like 20 or so… you can monitor how many are being used simultaneously if you’re afraid of someone misusing licenses. Everytime this happens, I send an email to contact. DON"T PUNISH LEGITIMATE USERS. I feel like I am so frustrated with this app that I am going to call up Amex and get a charge back.
  • Still no way to mass delete entries in the blocked list. I get over 500 entries and it takes forever to sort out which app did I block. Take lessons from Little Snitch.
  • 20% CPU usage after 2.0 update.
  • 35GB memory usage! Some type of memory leak
  • Blocks network adapter hardware. I was getting an exclamation mark on my ethernet and wifi adapter after replacing a motherboard (OS is still the same). Quitting the app and windows troubleshooting wizard still shows Glasswire_app is blocking all connections. How can I unblock network adapters? There seems to be no way to do this.

Extremely frustrated with Glasswire. Please don’t work on UI. Work on the core functionality of the app first.

Why are older versions not available? What is the reason? I want to be able to downgrade to whatever was working 1.x version.


If you go to the top left GlassWire menu, what version are you using? We released an update this morning. Please try it and let me know if it solves the network adapter problem.

I searched for your order from your email address you used with the forum so I could find your code and reset it, but I could not find an order related to it. Please email it and I’ll fix it https://www.glasswire.com/contact/.

Do you use Bittorrent with GlassWire? GlassWire usually only uses high CPU/Memory when it has to keep up with unusual numbers of hosts and log them. To solve this you can switch to Incognito mode with the top left GlassWire menu while using Bittorrent or similar applications.

I have a problem with the license, I wrote to the email, but so no one answered me :frowning:

Also in the new version there were seen multiple problems with the interface:
I have 6 monitors and often if I open the application, it does not work with buttons and it opens in full screen mode. (glassbag1.jpg)
To fix this, you need to turn off the monitor where the application is open, then turn it back on (then the application window will move to the left) and then if you drag it to the right edge and pull to the left + the top edge is pulled down, then the control buttons appear in the application.(glassbag2.jpg)

Even after the window began to function in full screen, the application appears to the left and up a few millimeters, close the applications on the other screen (glassbag3.jpg).


I’m doing the helpdesk today and I’m all caught up there. https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ - Did you email us here?

I was able to find your code through your email address used in the forum, and i reset it. Please check your code now.

For the screenshots you sent, we’re working on a fix and I apologize for the problem.

Why GlassWire does not update or give update notification automatically? i have to check for update manually on website and install it, isn’t it weird?


GlassWire puts up software update notifications. However with 2.0 we are waiting until the software is rock solid before alerting anyone to update. We’ll probably ask users to update at the end of January.

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Today, on 26.12.2017, the glasswire antivirus avira was detected and the Trojan program was uninstalled and the installer was uninstalled. Also, the virusitotal recognized the threat, why the program is infected?
Here are screenshots of the report from Avira and virusotal: http://clip2net.com/s/3QEtxZd http://clip2net.com/s/3QEtAAu


It’s a false positive. Please report it here https://analysis.avira.com/en/submit and we will do the same.

They had our main installer as a Trojan before also until we submitted it.

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I would like to share my dissatisfaction regarding the update to version 2.0
Version 2.0 installed happily removed my 1.x version, then during installation reached some error I could barrely see just because installer closed the window before I could read the error message. Than it started new version which tries to connect to some “local server” but could not. I took me a while to troubleshoot the problem, but I am still not happy with solution. I loose a hour to troubleshoot this, since version 1.x was working like a charm. The issue was in WIFI zeroconfig service which was intentionally disabled on my machine since I do not use wifi connection on this computer. I hope you will remove this dependency in next version. Finally the Glasswire started, but popup a lots of questions regarding some apps in system, which were configured in previous version. It took a while to take decision, also I needed to change some decisions later when it showed that something was done wrong.
So summaring my feedback, I see following things should be fixed:

  1. errors messages in installed should be clearly stated
  2. the name of “local server” should be changed to something more meaningfull like “local service”
  3. dependency to other system services in system should be avoided
  4. use previous version configuration


Sorry for the problems. Thanks for your feedback so we can improve.

Did that solve it?


  1. can not select the full date range, and the selection made is not persistent
  2. unlocking data plan does not work, can not make changes on that screen

Steam is no longer working. Upgrading and doing a full reset did not help?? uninstalling? or what else can i do?