Usage Question- Local vs. External


Completely new to GlassWire, so please forgive my ignorance as I try to learn about the product…

I notice that data usage is divided between Local and External. I’ve tracked the usage for a month now and see that
most of my usage is Local, approximately 468GB compared to 5.8GB External. We have a security camera system which seems to account for the large Local usage.

My question is this. I’m considering converting to a 10GB data plan, so how do I determine the data being charged for usage? Is it just the External data? If the Local data is being counted towards this, then that certainly won’t be enough data.




If the data is traveling only on your local network from your camera to your PC, then that should not use any of your data from your ISP. However, if you’re viewing your camera remotely then it will use your ISP data.

I am unfamiliar with your camera though so I’m guessing that’s the case due to what you said GlassWire showed. I’m not 100% sure, but I feel what I’m guessing is probably correct.

That makes sense. I’m shocked at how little data we’re using if you exclude the Local usage, so I wanted to be sure…


GlassWire can only see the data from the device is installed on, not your entire network. So if you have other devices connected outside your PC/Camera then GlassWire can’t see that data. For example a gaming console.

Please note we have an Android version of our software in Google Play also, just search for GlassWire there.