USD Audio - Audio Optorack stops working


new non-techy user her. Just before I decided to buy the Glasswire paid version, I noticed that my Audio OptoTrack usv adudio doesnt work any more, I guess Glasswire stopped it as no other change was made in my computer.

Win 10
The OptoPlay is an old gadget, have had problems in Vista (had to remove driver and reisntall)

My Win 10 just used it without the old problems - until Glasswire came.

Is there a USB related setting somewhere that I may need to check?

Thanks, Zoltan

may have been a stupid user error (or forcing reinstall many times over)


I have never heard of GlassWire causing problems with any audio/video devices, but some audio/video drivers have caused problems with GlassWire in the past (causing it to crash). We think we worked out most of those problems though, or at least we’re about to with our next update.

The only audio related feature we have is mic alerts, if a network related application is using your mic GlassWire will tell you. You could go to GlassWire’s settings and disable that and see if it makes any difference.

I think it’s unlikely GlassWire is causing problems with your audio application.