User permissions not working

GlassWire really works for me, just one user permissions issue:

I have two users on Win10 Home: 1) Administrator, 2) Normal (non-admin) user. I expect the following: when I log on with the normal user account, it is protected by GlassWire, but as soon as the user tries to unblock previously blocked applications on the GlassWire > Firewall tab, it asks for the Administrator user password.

On the GlassWire > Settings > General tab I have enabled the “Enable administrator’s account password request” function. But still, when I am logged on as a normal non-admin user onto Windows, I can unblock previously blocked applications in the GlassWire > Firewall tab. There are certain GlassWire settings that are protected by the admin setting, but I specifically looking at the Firewall tab where I can block or allow applications.

I would like it to work the same as Windows Defender; when I try to change settings, it asks for the Administrator user password.

How do I prevent non-privileged users from making changes to GlassWire, but still be protected by it?


Thank you for your feedback.

We have had a few requests for this recently. We plan to call it “admin mode” where GlassWire cannot be disturbed at all by non-admins.

We have not had a lot of requests about this though so I am not sure exactly when it will be implemented. If we continue to get requests about this perhaps we will move it up the list.

Hi, Thanks so much for the feedback. Two points:

  1. In my mind this could be a business opportunity instead of a user requirement. Currently you don’t cater for a PC that’s used by multiple users with different access levels (typically the parent [admin] and child [non-admin] scenario or equivalent business scenarios).
  2. The implementation in my mind can be as simple as the following: on the firewall tab; when a user click on a little “flame” icon next to a certain application to add or remove it from being blocked, then check if the “Enable administrator’s account password request” in the settings tab has been set, ask for password.

(Unfortunately, until this security feature has been implemented, I cannot use my 3x licences because its not protected from normal user access and Glaswire has admin access to Win Defender firewall to even change those setting on Windows level)

Hope to see this features soon.


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FYI, you could actually exit GlassWire and your firewall rules should still be in place and the apps should continue to be blocked even with GlassWire’s user interface not running. It could be a temporary solution until we implement some kind of future “admin mode”.