V2 Firewall display

Just updated to V2 on Windows 10 64bit.
The firewall display (as far as I can see) still does not allow sorting by columns (App name etc).
It still displays Blocked Apps at the top which means I have to scroll down to see active apps.
There is no way to hide the Blocked Apps but there is a way to hide the Inactive apps.
If I click on an App it brings up a window which you can click on the Show App/Hide App, what does this do?



We plan to add sorting in the future and perhaps it would also be useful to hide/show blocked/allowed apps separately.

The “Show App” “Hide App” option lets you hide a certain app from having its usage data show on the graph. This is useful for video streaming apps or other apps that are constantly using bandwidth because it helps you separate the constant traffic from traffic changes that are more important.

Thank you for the update

Hi Ken
Yes please would love to have this feature hide apps. When using a browser as example, and in the usage/host list it can be a real privacy issue listing all the websites one might visit. So to exclude browsers apps would be excellent. Was hoping this might have been in Version 2 release… Thank you.

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We hope to add this feature in the future, thank you.

something that has been sort of a problem is the instantaneous disappearance of the firewalled listing after it is added to firewall block. or vice versa, when doing multi items it can jump out when about to click next. small but can cause lost item and wrong item errors.

maybe also because of the way the firewall requires the new toggle on at top to be active a few guide tips would help at start up. I realize this isn’t std on Windows (it is common on android). but there are so many changes here and things hidden in settings that it would be beneficial to users to get guidance from the freshly installed program.

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For the firewall problem, if you feel comfortable you may want to check out this beta Try the GlassWire Windows 2.0.81 beta!