Varying DNS Names in GW Things Tab

When I first boot my system each day, the GlassWire Things Tab sometimes initially shows an incorrect DNS name for each of the connected devices other than the network router, which is consistently correct. Using the Scan button on the Things Tab does not fix this issue. However to fix it, I have to open a command prompt and Ping either the connected devices’ proper DNS names or their proper IP addresses and then single click on the white space of the Things Tab. Following that, the Devices’ correct DNS names are updated on the display. Additionally, I have had to add the devicename-IP address mappings into the network Hosts file, otherwise the Ping command fails and the incorrect DNS names persist.

If you flush your DNS, then reboot, does it solve it?

Thank you for the quick answer and article. I tested this with ipconfig /flushdns multiple times, I also tried rebooting the computer multiple times as well as Pinging the DNS Names and the IP addresses of the two devices that show the behavior I mentioned before, and also pressing the Scan button. Of course, the network base address ( DNS Name consistently is displayed correctly in the Things Tab. I noticed no difference whatsoever after I flushed the DNS cache in different trials. Again, the only thing that seemed to cause the two other connected devices to finally display correct DNS Names was to Ping them in a CMD prompt (either the proper IP addresses or the proper DNS names) and then click in the white space on the Things Tab. I used ipconfig /displaydns to view the DNS cache and noticed that even prior to Pinging the two devices to correct the erroneous names display, the cache contained all the correct IP address-DNS Name mappings. It is somewhat frustrating to have to use the pinging steps to fix the display.

Thank you for your help on this!

Thanks for your report. Can you give some more information about your network if you feel comfortable? It will help us test/recreate this.

Sure. Specifically, what kind of information will be the most useful? And is there an email address I can use to send it to you? Thank you.

Kind of router, WiFi or Ethernet for your devices, anything else that’s unusual.


Thank you. I sent the details to GlassWire Helpdesk.

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Hi Ken,
Unfortunately, the email I sent to GW Helpdesk was UNdelivered and returned an error: “451 4.7.1 Greylisted, try again after some time.” Today, I resent the same email to the other three email addresses I found on the GW Contacts page (“activation,” “bugs” and “business”). Hopefully one of them will get through successfully. Thank you.

I got the email, thank you.

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