Version 2.0.80 not saving firewall selections

I didn’t have this issue last version. I click what I want to block with my pro version and the fire icon shows. Upon restart I come back I still visually see the icons and visually see it should be blocked but I get pop up First Network Access notifications that make me deny them all over again.

This definitely needs fixed soon I hope. I don’t suppose I need to make a firewall profile, I never had to in the previous versions.


Do you use any other firewalls with GlassWire? If not can you try uninstalling GlassWire 2, then going to your Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults” then reboot, then reinstall GlassWire 2 using the “clean” install option in the installer, along with the option to reset the firewall there?

Now try and let me know your results.


For the apps that keep reappearing, Is the app listed in the Firewall tab more than once, and if you go to the Firewall tab and click the app icons do they show different file locations on your HD?

They are not listed more than once. They are not saving at all internally, visually yes… I had to revert back to 1.2.120 for now so it is usable again. I probably could have used that first release of 2.0 but I don’t know where my dl is.

Yea man far as I can see the firewall settings in your latest release are failing for the paid product. I don’t know about the free versions.

Weird. I have been using 2.0.80 in “Ask to connect” since we had the final build yesterday and it has been working perfectly for me.

We will try to reproduce/fix it ASAP.

lol I have no idea what’s going on. How it could work for you and not me no clue. I just use windows 10 with all updates nothing fancy here.


Just to be clear, I believe you 100% and I am very worried about this so I opened a ticket and we’re already working on it.

Just because it does not happen to me does not mean it’s not real. :slight_smile:

Another user in a thread similar to yours is experiencing the same, and his name is @God, which is very scary!!! :open_mouth:

NP good luck. I am comfortable using the old version for now. It does what I need.

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Were you using a GlassWire “Profile” when this happened, or was it just the default GlassWire setup? I’m currently using the default setup with no profile and I can’t recreate it, but perhaps it’s related to making profiles?

I used no profile. Are you using Windows10 pro? I am. I wonder if that makes any difference here.

Having same issue, often have to “re-block” something blocked (by ask), then run again and re-block.

I use my computer on 2 different domains, one it is joined to, another it is not joined to.

Win 10 pro …


@gregeusa and @JHefile, at the risk of exhibiting a bit of schadenfreude, I am thankful that I am not alone in this issue. I am currently using glasswire on 3 or 4 systems (Elite user) and I have the issue on all of them.

Ken said they are looking into it. I have opened a separate thread (at around the same time that JHefile did). The thread is here.

I am wondering if it is possible for any of the mods (@Servo_GlassWire or @Ken_GlassWire) to merge these two, so it might be easy for others.

We found the problem and we’re working on a fix. Sorry.

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Great news, nice to be working with such a responsive company.

Looking forwards to it.

Merry Christmas!


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