Version 2.3.335 best one so far!

the latest version is exceptionally good, stabile and does not consume a lot of resource
can you the following option in the next version:

  1. linking windows app with mobile app to monitor windows activities

@Hussain Thanks for your kind words about the update!

We plan to add a logon system to link all versions together in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

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from a security stand point i would rather this NOT be an option. Android comes with its own problem as does Windows, having a link between the two on such a main windows component is asking for trouble.

i do not believe it would cause a problem if the app is meant for data aquation, remote monitoring.
im using several apps to check the status of my server, SNMP, netflow, sflow and much more!

2.3.335 is the best one so far!

Agreed!!! And I finally got the things scan to work correctly with this version! :grinning:

Going to have to agree to disagree on this. I don’t want this option as it bears no relevance to me and given the option id have tight security. I see it like this, for every pain of glass you put into your front door that doors security becomes weaker.

My advice to glasswire developers is if you are truly considering this as an option, please have this as a bolt on where you can choose this to be installed at the installation stage.