View active Access from other PCs

hi all,

I am looking for a tool that helps me to see if anybody have Access from other machines to my PC.

Now I download Glaswire (a nice tool) ínstall and run Glaswire. Then I test a Access from other machine to my PC \myPC\c$ and can’t see the active Access under Glaswire - Firewall? why!! I think a Firewall can do this?

please excuse my bad english


It depends on the type of software and access you are using. Could you be more specific?

Are you in our “Ask to connect” mode? If it’s RDP software you can deny its connection.


thank you very much for asking.

You can simple test it!


You have two clients.

ClientA and UserA is your client. ClientB and UserB is another Client in same Domain. Login to ClientB with UserB (the have full access to all machines in our/your domain, and so the can access to ClientA)

Then you connect with Microsoft Admin Share to \clientA\c$ (c$ = microsoft adminstrative share) to ClientA.

ClientB  access to ClientA, Glaswire don’t monitor it and don’t show the active connection under Firewall - Why?

I can send you a screenshot on Monday.

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Did you already have this remote access connection in place before installing GlassWire? It so it may not appear in GlassWire if it was already connecting when GlassWire was installed. We warn with our installer you should reboot to pick up all connections, but we don’t force a reboot.

Or, perhaps the connection is there and you are missing it? Look under Usage/Apps, or under Usage/Traffic, or under the Graph Apps & Traffic.

Or make the connection, then click the live graph and see what apps/hosts your PC is connecting to.


thanks for answer, I don’t test it befor installing glaswire. It new Connection from other PCs. I reboot my machine.

Under Usage i see hundret of Connection. Don’t ask me why other machine has Access to my machine.

can you try it in you Environment? I thinks it’s a Little Glaswire bug. You Access from other machine (with simple Standard Microsoft Technologies - not a hack and) and Glaswire doesn’t Show this.


Email me screenshots and details with a link to this forum post.

Perhaps your usage tab is set up to show external traffic only, while your connection is local?
You can change that here.