View/Hide from network?

Is the things monitor able to view Hidden devices on my network? as you’re probably aware you are able to hide your device name from the network (most Anti-Viruses offer this as an option for security)

Is it possible to have a control switch to enable/disable this on your own PC? and can the Things monitor detect such devices if they have it enabled on your network?

lastly, Could you have a sort of “Deauth” feature inside of the things monitor. It’s all well and good to see someone else using my internet, perhaps an intruder… But it’s not very handy at stopping them from using it, and as my ISP/Router doesn’t come with a MAC address blocker I cannot prevent them from using the internet. So all the things monitor is good for is to simply look at who’s on the network.
It would be great if I could take action upon those abusing my network :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback.

If a device is on a segmented network, then we can’t see it because it is segmented. For example a “guest” network.

All the suggestions you’ve made have already been discussed elsewhere in this forum. I’ve linked a couple of topics below and attempted to clarify some of your misunderstanding of network security.

I hope this helps. Anyway, the GlassWire team will probably have something further to say.

Intrusion and MAC address blocking?

Once your local network is breached you lose most of your network security.

An intruder can access your local network in three ways:

  • using a cable to connect to your local network (i.e. at the router).
  • connecting to your wireless network by breaking your wireless security which usually means guessing the password.
  • connecting remotely from the Internet through your router by breaking its security which again usually means guessing the password.

In all three breaches, your router is the focus for the intrusion. It is also the best place to control security. That’s why the GlassWire team have been talking about potential solutions that work with the router but a few years on there is nothing concrete that has been advised to us users See Feature - Install on router

MAC address blocking might slow down intruders but it will not stop them if they are already capable of gaining access to your network. See the discussion of MAC spoofing and Cloned Routers

Hiding your device?

There is no practical way to completely hide your device on your local network. How quickly it can be discovered depends on how your network has been breached and how it is configured. To hide a device on your network you would have to hide it behind another device such as a router/firewall or a proxy such as a VPN, e.g.

If you meant hiding wireless SSIDs then that also doesn’t provide real security either, i.e.