Virus Scan in Glasswire does not produce an activity log in Comodo Anti-Virus

FYI only.

After doing a successful virus scan in Glasswire, I checked the logs in Comodo Internet Security but it did not report a scan had taken place. I know a scan took place as I watched the Comodo scan process blip in Task Manager.

I’ve reported this to Comodo as it appears that activities from their command line scanner are not logged in their GUI.

Ewen :smile:

Hello, I also use COMODO INTERNET SECURITY. Have you had any BSOD or concerns with him, and with HIPS on? Thank you.



We have had some other users report something similar. We will investigate further and see if this is something on our end or theirs.

Jresine, some users have seen a BSOD but we think we have solved this and we’ll have an update soon.

No issues at all on 3 different systems with CIS7 installed. All 3 have different CIS configs, but 1 is a testbed with EVERYTHING enabled and no issues found with Glasswire at all.

Ewen :smile:

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Re. the users that have experienced BSOD’s with CIS+Glasswire - do they have Glasswire set to run on startup?

I hope they do. Everyone should. :smile: Actually it’s not related to that but we know what the issue is and I think we fixed it in the next release.

Well done to pick it up. I only asked because CIS can get its knickers in a twist if something tries to touch the NIC while it is initializing.

Ewen :smile:


Glasswire.exe and GWCtlSrv.exe are both already listed as Trusted processes in Comodo’s CIS and Killswitch apps.


Were we added by Comodo? We didn’t do anything on our end. That’s great!