Virus Total - Open/view report for application

It would be nice if there was a way to open the virustotal scan results when checking an app. Also a filter to allow us to spot apps that have had hits on virustotal to help see why and what engines found the app as malware.


Btw thanks for the elite upgrade offer :wink: I snarfed it from my current pro edition.


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You can open up the VirusTotal scan results when checking an app. After VirusTotal is done saying “Analyzing…” just click the circle with the i in it, and that will open a new window that has the option “See Details”.

Click “See Details” and you’ll see the details on

For the “filter” option, you can make VirusTotal automatically check all network related apps if you prefer, but it’s not really a filter. Thanks for your feedback about the filter.

Can you possibly give me a screengrab of where this “i” is?
I cant seem to find a way to launch it or are you talking about when the alert comes up? I cant seem to trigger it when viewing in Glasswire and sometimes you miss alerts. The alerts area doesnt seem to let me launch it.
Also if there is an alert that appears when your using auto scanning and virustotal has a hit it where you could launch the results on that alert would be useful.


Please see the photo below. You should mouse over the “VirusTotal” column under the Firewall tab. You must analyze the app first to get a score, then the i will appear on mouse over.


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Ahh the firewall tab, it would be nice if the popover menu in alerts etc also had the “i” to see the details.

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