VirusTotal automatic analysis not working

Have the option selected to automatically analyze all apps with network activity, but still have to check them manually. Glasswire is running fine otherwise.

Running Glasswire 2.0.84 (clean install) on Windows 10 Pro 1703.


Did you press “OK” after making the change in VirusTotal in your settings? If you go to your settings does it show it’s currently selected?

Yes to the "OK, and yes it was showing as selected. Tried adding and removing the option several times, as well as rebooting between attempts.


I just discussed this feature with our team. This feature only sends “New” or apps that have their hash changed to VirusTotal. It only sends it one time, not every time over and over.

If you install a “New” app that accesses the network, are you sure it isn’t being checked?

Or, if Chrome/Firefox auto-update, are you sure they are not checked? Maybe check the Chrome or Firefox “About” box and see if you have an update that hasn’t been installed yet, then check GlassWire.


Well i had been running version 1, but I did the clean install to upgrade to version 2 to start off with a clean slate.

What I observed is that all of my apps connecting to the net for the first time kicked off the ‘First Network Activity’ event, but did not get scanned.

I ran in ‘Click to Block’ mode initially after the upgrade to allow my most used programs to be allowed by the firewall, rather than get hit with a barrage of ‘Ask To Connect’ requests, which is the mode I like to be in after the dust settles a bit.

So in this sense I would have expected that all of my programs to be treated as ‘New’ the first time that they connected. Shouldn’t they be scanned under these circumstances?


Yes, your comments above are correct. I wanted to be sure there was no misunderstanding. We’ll try to recreate this on our end.

Thanks for your post and info!

Thanks Ken, much appreciated!

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