VirusTotal Result Upon Installing GW 2.3.367 Today

I have not seen this before:

Yes, sorry for the issue. We have submitted the false positive to Mcafee. If anyone else wants to it may help get it fixed faster.

I have been using VirusTotal even longer than Glasswire. I always check every download with it before running it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if only one or two vendors out of 60 or so flag a file as malicious, then it’s most likely a false positive. It’s usually one of the lesser known vendors that I know nothing about, but anytime a mainstream vendor such as McAfee gets a hit, it might be worth taking notice.

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Yes, we are feeling frustrated they still have this false positive. Please consider also submitting a false positive report and they will probably fix it faster.

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Still running GW 2.3.363 and the VirusTotal results for GlassWire Control Service are 0/63.

We found a way we can adjust our software to remove the false positive. We will release an update soon only to remove this false positive.

Basically it has to do with us letting Windows know that our software works with Windows 11. We follow the recommended guidelines, but it causes this false positive only with Mcafee.

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