Want a clear Alert-Message when Glasswire stopped

Based on this Message:

I dont know why Glasswire has stopped, i just saw in the Task-Window that Glasswire has stopped today, just saw the grey Symbol. Reconnecting was negativ, but i was online already. And i did not know how long Glasswire was inactive, or what was the Reason.

So i want that Glasswire send me a clear message when it is stopped, doesn´t matter the reasons.
Audible and Visible.

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We do this with Android already and we will consider it for Windows. Thanks for your feedback.


I’m glad I read this. Windows updated(1903) yesterday and I just now notice Glasswire was not running, along with a few other tics the the update broke.


Were you able to get GlassWire working again?

Possible its because updates, last time i get some more update of Windows. I get running it by…oh damn i am not sure think that i was rebooting the system, or i update glasswire…one of booth

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Thanks for the extra info. We’re discussing some ways to do this, thanks!

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