Weird Unknown Device

Hello! I hope you are having a nice day.

So I was checking my Devices, and I found one that I couldn’t identify, I checked all my devices and I named all of them that I checked, but there is one that I can’t identify.

I was hacked before so I’m paranoid that its a virus of some sort.
Thank you again!

In Addition to this, glasswire found the IP of a phone correctly, but the MAC Address is off.

If you count all the devices on the network, could it be something you know about? If not you could reset your WiFi password to solve the issue.

Ok, thank you, I have done the following.
It turns out it is my mom’s phone that is a Google Pixel 2.

Any idea why it has random MAC Addresses and random IP’s?
Glasswire showed 2 entries for this 1 device.

Is the randomized Mac address feature turned on?

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