What antivirus do you use?


Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:



On main pc win 10 : kaspersky anti virus and Voodooshield paid
on laptop and ultrabook : eset nod 32

of course, Glasswire on third.
All run smoothy together.



Hi All,

I currently use Bit Defender, Emsisoft, and run Rogue Killer semi-frequently. All paid versions. *When using Bit Defender the firewall option for Glasswire is deactivated. However, if you have the “Ask to Connect” option selected, it does prompt you when an app or service attempts to connect to the internet.
In case you are interested in purchasing anti-virus/malware, check out https://www.av-comparatives.org/consumer/
It provides up to date test results on some of the major AV/Malware providers. Many sites promote various products. Take a look and decide based on their performance.

Sorry for the re-post…forgot I had already replied :slight_smile:


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Avast + windows security. Had Kaspersky, but it took a lot of my attention.

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I use Waterfox & Firefox browsers , Firefox with no additional security apps for websites that require access to your details and Waterfox for general surfing the web.
Waterfox has UBO & uMatrix +ABP .
Contrary to perceived wisdom UBO & uMatrix dont perform exactly the same tasks ,I also have spent some time in -about : config removing additional tracking which is a big plus in an open system type browser as opposed to a closed one where conditions are set and cant be altered.
I can confirm those security measures work.



Thanks for sharing your experience, Duncan. I didn’t hear about Waterfox till date. Will try it - new thing for me :slight_smile:

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ESET Smart Security on the desktop, Avira Antivirus Free on the laptop for now (it’s annoyingly intrusive). I do also still use as much of the Windows Defender system as I can for redundancy, though ESET does deactivate the firewall in favour of its own. McAffee VirusScan came preinstalled on the laptop, and it’s more trouble to remove than it’s worth, so that’s on there, lol!

Also, I have herdProtect installed on both machines, and run a regular scan with that, just to be safe.

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Win10: Windows Defender + Malwarebytes Paid
Win7: Bitdefender Free

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