What are these alerts with red circle, date/time and '0'


Just got Glasswire basic today.
What is the alert with the red circle that simply says 0 next to the date/time? There is no way to click it. It happened 10 or more times earlier today but I never noticed any of them until just now I saw a red circle over an alert. What can be causing this? It looks like some other program has disabled something here. They may have been more descriptive alerts earlier. Don’t know.



Can you post a screenshot? What version of GlassWire are you using if you go to the top left menu and choose “About”?


Sure. Here is a screenshot:



It looks like perhaps your database is corrupted, or it’s some other type of bug. If you go to our “About” menu what version of GlassWire are you using?


Should be the version I downloaded and installed this morning. Anyways it seems to go side by side with the alert. Each alert gets its own red circle 0 alert. Just now another one happened. This wasn’t happening earlier that’s why I just noticed. It just started after the reboot, which also would have reinstalled plenty other things I just installed today. Maybe a hard reboot will fix it. I will try one a little later and let you know.



Could you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let me know what version it says there? If it’s a bug with our latest version we can then try to recreate/fix it, but I’m not sure what version it is because we just released an update very recently so you could have installed our older, or new version.


2.0.80. Downloaded and installed right after that, this day.
Does still possess the blank red circle and 0 item.
Even after a hard restart.


You should uninstall, reboot, then reinstall our latest version using the “clean” install option with our installer. You’re using a very old version.


Seems to have worked. Additionally I changed the install location because installing to the 86 programs didn’t seem too accurate


I’m glad it’s fixed now! Looks like you had an old version.